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Play School Franchise / Pre School Franchise in low investment

India’s No -1 Play School Franchise Brand

Clever International Pre School (CIPS) offers Pre School Franchise in your City and area. CIPS provide very low Cost play School franchise with world class facilities and environment. Today CIPS is one of the best  play school franchise brand in india. Best quality material and services identity of Clever International Pre School. Start your play school business with low investment in city with CIPS. Many questions will in your mind, like who best play school franchise in india, who best kids play school franchise, india’s top play school franchise etc. but answer is one and only Clever International Pre School (CIPS). if you are interested CIPS pre school franchise call- 9424496812, 9826622556, 7828022665

Market Potential of the Area / locality Other Play School franchise Competitor’s awareness & local business competition Financial Paying Capacity of the Locality/ Area Vision & Interest level of the Promoter/ franchise centre Accessibility & Suitability of the Premises Play school business model has a good cash inflow and potential of seeing substantial growth based on the entrepreneurial drive driving it. The potential of growth in this sector is humongous. Following are a few graphs that will show the potent growth in this business filed. Accordingly, the competition in the market is also substantially high. In case you found premises is suitable as per standards & guidelines of the Clever International Pre School (CIPS), keeping business profitability & security of the student’s in mind then only we take the project for next level. Clever International Pre School (CIPS) offers Master Franchise, Unit Franchise and Area Franchise for its Pre- School to aspirants, entrepreneurs and existing preschools across the India. We are looking for committed aspirants who will help us carry forward our mission of making learning a Joyful experience for kids. Start your play school with low investment with CIPS.

Play School Franchise

best play school franchise in indie
  • Exiting Pre-School/play schools
  • Property Owners
  • People who have Passion for Child Education
  • People who have Basic Business Acumen/ Sense
  • Good Personnel Management
  • Sufficient Financial Capacity
  • Commitment & Responsibility toward Society

People who have decent place of minimum 1000 Sqft to 4000 Sqft Area (Owned or Rented) If you possess the above pre-requisites you too can be part of this rewarding experience by becoming a Clever International Pre School (CIPS) franchisee. We are sure, you will have as much fun earning, as Kids will have learning.


Pre –School Education is one of the fastest growing field where there is dearth of good quality Pre-Schools. As such the demand for quality pre-school education with international standards is growing.

day by the day. Hence Clever International Pre School presents you this exciting business opportunity of best play school franchise.



Clever International pre School offers best play school franchise in your city. Many reasons for the start only CIPS play school franchise. CIPS only provide low investment best play school franchise with best financial returns. Some reasons are follows:

  • We are North India’s No.1 Fix Royalty Model Play School Chain.
  • We have developed Clever International Specially for the Middle and Lower Income Group of Society so we can facilitate those people also who are not getting these facilities due to Financial deficiency.
  • We aim to have our centres in each and every State, District and Town and also to the Villages.
  • We are providing the Pre School Franchise in very lower investment.
  • Our Trained & Experienced Team of professionals working on curriculum to present the best.
  • Good profit returns in a short span of time.
  • We provide instant support to the Franchise at their level of demand.
  • We believe in best and try to develop new concept time to time.


  • Most cost initiation.
  • Handsome assured Returns.
  • White-Collar business with ample opportunities for expansion.
  • A fun –filled experience.
  • An opportunity – to grow & add to country’s growth.

The Play School Industry in India

We, at CIPS, believe that all children have unique potential that should be encouraged regularly. And we know that for children to excel in today’s complex and technology-driven world, they need a new set of skills—social and emotional, as well as academic. Early childhood is a highly sensitive period marked by rapid transformations in physical, cognitive, social and emotional development. The early year’s curriculum at CIPS is carefully structured with programmes that introduce concepts not as stand-alone subjects but as a wealth of interconnected knowledge. As emphasised by Mr. Chanchal Sharma, Director, CIPS, by observing, questioning and searching for

answers, we want our children to gain a sense of curiosity about their world and make learning fun, continuous and lifelong. Market research analysts at various forums have predicted an impressive scope of growth in the preschool or child care industry in India across a period of 2016-2020, which will also provide a compound annual growth rate of almost 22% at the end of the said period.

Here are some factors facilitating such growth:

Working parents: The concept of preschool education has received a boost with the growing number of working parents in full-time professions. Extended daycare offered by some pre-schools act as an added facility for the parents. The changing perception of preschool education: Education is the second highest expenditure segment for middle-class households today. Parents are realising the importance of engaging young children in activities early in order to enhance their emotional and intellectual growth. Innovative learning approaches: Preschools offer student-centred, innovative activities that help to instil 21st-century skills of imagination, collaboration, creativity and collaboration in children. Although the preschool sector offers tremendous opportunities for growth, there are certain challenges that are faced, such as: Innovative learning approaches: Preschools offer student-centred, innovative activities that help to instil 21st-century skills of imagination, collaboration, creativity and collaboration in children. Although the preschool sector offers tremendous opportunities for growth, there are certain challenges that are faced, such as Preschools are primarily an urban phenomenon and rural areas are still to catch up on this trend Due to the lack of a proper regulatory mechanism and any guidelines or checks by the Government, unorganised players are mushrooming in this sector A sizeable number of parents still do not know much about the modern education techniques and they don’t understand or care little about brand preschools To overcome these challenges, franchisees should aim at satisfactory and fulfilling partnerships with established, credible preschool brands. They should, nevertheless, conduct a proper background research and discuss the terms and conditions carefully before formalising the contract or partnerships in order to get the maximum benefits from this growing educational venture. CIPS is always open to caring and committed entrepreneurs to establish and operate independent centres in India. There are several advantages for a potential CIPS franchisee such as:

  • Reduced risk and gestation period associated with a business
  • An easy transfer of technical knowledge and the well-structured procedures
  • A set preschool curriculum developed by experts is provided by franchisors which lets you skip research and preparing the development of curriculum

Our children deserve to imagine a different world. We, at CIPS, aim to not just help them realize the potential in themselves but how ever-evolving the world around them is and can be.