Q1) Why partner with Clever International Pre School?

CIPS is one of the leading players in early child care and education for over 15 years. CIPS as one of the most preferred Pre-School franchise partners across the country. We provide a holistic nurturing environment, child-friendly ambience, structured curriculum and wholesome health and well-being initiatives that make us stand out from the others in the Pre-Schooling segment.

Q2) How much do I need to invest in a CIPS Pre-School franchise?

To start a Pre-School franchise, you will need to make an investment of INR 3-10 lacs. This amount does vary and depends upon the size of the centre and the city that you are present in.

Q3) How much area does one need to open a CIPS Pre-School?

You will require ground floor premises (preferably owned property) of minimum 1000 to 3500sq. ft. built-up area, which should be able to house a minimum of 6 classrooms in a batch. You will also need an outdoor of similar or more area.

Q4) How do I decide if a location is appropriate to start a Pre-School?

We have our representatives in all major cities, which will help you, shortlist and choose locations that are ideal to set up your Pre-School. Our dedicated team will share with you valuable insights based on their years of expertise in the domain and will provide you the ideal helping hand & guidance that you will require at this stage.

Q6) How much admission fee will the parent have to pay for admission at my Pre-School?

The fees for your Pre-School will vary depending upon the location and city you are planning to start the pre-school in. The Fees levels will be discussed and decided between us before you take up the franchise.

Q7) Can I use my Pre-School premises for any other activities after the Pre- School hours or during vacations?

Apart from running the Pre-School classes, the premises can also be used for running concepts of summer and winter camps during vacations or after school hours. These short duration camps are full of activities and engagements for the students, for which you can charge separate fees from the parents. This also becomes additional revenue for you.

Q8) Do you provide assistance in setting-up infrastructure and a safe environment in the Pre-School. Can you help me create an appropriate ambience? Where do I purchase the equipment, books, toys, and other elements?

We provide every franchisee with the CIPS ambience manual which lays out the aesthetics of the centre and showcases a standardised and uniform design and look that is mandated for each CIPS Pre-School. The interiors of your Pre-School will have to be designed as per the guidelines given in the ambience

Q9) I am new to running a Pre-School franchise, how will I learn to manage the day-to-day operations at my new Pre-School?

We understand the Pre-Schooling business is new to you. We help you understand the finer aspects and challenges involved in operating a Pre-School franchise with the help of formal induction and training. Our daily operations have been simplified in a ‘standard operating procedures’ manual which spells out the operational aspects such as enquiry handling, fee management, academic processes, and safety guidelines, accounting procedures, transportation activities, purchase requirements, staff training and others. In addition, our operations support team is a phone call away to help you in your Pre-School operational needs.

Q10) Do you provide any marketing support to promote my Pre-School?

We do nationwide brand campaigns including print ads in leading publications, radio, outdoor and online digital campaigns. However, any kind of local level marketing to improve walk-ins and enquiries specific to a centre will have to be managed by the franchise centres. We do provide designs for collaterals, Ads, hoardings to support your local marketing needs.

Q11) How many staff and other Pre-School personnel will I need to run my centre?

The number of staff and Pre-School personnel depend upon the number of students at your centres. We require you to maintain an adult: child ratio of 1:10. Hence, if you have 42 students enrolled at your Pre-School you will require 3 teachers, 2 maids, 1 centre head and 1 security personnel.