About Us


Clever International Pre School (run by Sarva Edutech India Pvt Ltd.) is a well established Indore Madhya Pradesh based organization having over 15 years of experience in Educational Sector. Based on its long lasting reputation, organization has started providing supports to preschools all across the country using technology and by doing away with highly prevalent royalty based franchise systems for preschools. CIPS path breaking online supports to huge base of preschools are available at a small fraction of current franchise cost, providing curriculum, teachers’ training, digital marketing tools, preschool materials, etc. In addition, company develops its affiliate preschools as marketing hub on revenue sharing basis to market various online blended courses of the company such as Vedic Math’s, Virtual Robotics, Montessori teachers Training, Abacus Training, and Tutorials for young kids of primary school levels etc. Our curriculum and trained teachers reflect our standards of excellence. We strongly believe that each child is a unique person and imbibes social, physical and intellectual behavior over a period of time.

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Vision & Mission

Our mission is to create learning environments that provide opportunities to maximize their inherent potential with latest and most innovative learning and teaching techniques and to introduce them successfully, and we want to show that education can be a happy medium to gain knowledge, learning can be and should be fun. Our belief is that all children should have the opportunity to experience the joy of discovery and develop a love for learning. We did not only get updated about the child fluent academically but also our education modules ensures they become confident, stage smart, understand the new world around them and the international world as well with CIPS. Our mission is to get home like comfort away from home with safe and learning environment.

Our vision is to make leadership icons of tomorrow with providing outstanding educational services that every child is capable of exploring and had potential to your life challenges in a positive manner. We commit to provide the unique skills, knowledge and values to the children who help them to listen and execute their inner voice to discover a bright future.